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Malaysia Medical Tourism Experience Review – HealthyIM Campaign Winner Interview

HealthyIM and MHTC (Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council) launched a campaign in late 2013 for a lucky couple to visit Malaysia for a medical tourism experience tour. Ms. K.E. (actual name not disclosed), a mother of two, was randomly selected from the campaign entry participants and visited Kuala Lumpur along with her husband and children. The family flew on Malaysia Airlines, stayed at the JW Marriott Kuala Lumpur, and enjoyed some sightseeing along the way. Ms. K.E. also underwent a health screening at Sunway Medical Centre. HealthyIM caught up with Ms. K.E. to hear more about her experience and impressions of Malaysia and Malaysia healthcare.

Q1. If you compare your image of Malaysia before and after going there, what has changed? A1: It has changed from being a country I knew nothing about, to being a really wonderful country.
Before I went to Malaysia, I didn't know anything about the sightseeing spots, people's mentality, weather or the language. Now that I actually went, people were really nice and even offered me their seats. It was the rainy season and really warm and I thought it would be a comfortable place to live It is safe and the prices are cheap, so I thought it would be nice if I was able to stay longer and experience even more. On top of that, there are many people from different religions, so even on a short trip you can feel an exotic atmosphere.

Q2. I think you had a medical exam at the Sunway Medical Center in Kuala Lumpur, how was it compared to Japan? (Communication, staff, equipment etc.) A2. To be honest, before I received the exam I was worried about the cleanliness and sanitary conditions, like if they'd change the syringe after every each patient for a blood test. In reality however, it was hygienic, the staff was working energetically with a smile and the communication was good, so I thought it was as good as Japan.
As for the exam itself, the female doctor was very thorough and did a detailed physical examination. One difference from Japan would be that they counted "3, 2, 1" before inserting the needle to draw blood.
As for the eye test, in Japan they start testing with larger numbers and move to smaller ones, but in Malaysia they start with small numbers and move to larger ones, so I couldn't see the small numbers from the start. On the eye chart they use letters from the alphabet (unlike in Japan where they use symbols) so I was initially confused, but that is one of the things you can only experience abroad and I enjoyed it.

Q3. It was a medical tourism experience trip, but did you go anywhere other than the hospital for sightseeing? A3. Sunway has a water park on a scale you won't find in Japan and a lot of attractions you won't find either, so it was fun just to watch. The waffles and chicken were tasty as well. Because the lockers and numbers are different I forgot where I put my stuff, which was a bit troublesome. At the bird park, they put 8 parrots on my shoulders and took a picture. Feeding them was fun, as was eating food from different countries - including Japan - at the food court or boarding the really crowded monorail. In the evening I went to get a foot massage and was surprised that it was only 1200 Yen for an hour.

Q4. Do you have any advice for Japanese who want to go to Malaysia for medical tourism? A4. I don't think there was a big difference in medical standards. Service and communication was really good was well. It went smoothly, because there was a female Japanese doctor. Since very few people in Malaysia understand Japanese, I recommend bringing an English or Malay dictionary. Sightseeing is fun and prices are cheap, so I recommend to go shopping as well.

Q5. Please make a comment and let us know your opinion about HealthyIM and MHTC (Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council). A5. Our trip to Malaysia was a really nice experience, which I still recall fondly. HealthyIMand MHTC took care of all of our flight & hotel arrangements, which made it very easy for us to get around. Thank you very much.

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