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Write a review and promote GREAT medical facilities! HealthyIM is dedicated to providing an honest two-way exchange of information from medical facilities and patients. Your reviews will help all of us find and improve the best places for healthcare.

How to Write a Review

  1. Find a Hospital
  2. Go to Hospital Page
  3. Open Write a Review Page

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Where can I write a Review?

You can write a Review for each medical facility by going to their detailed page and clicking on the “Review” tab.

I cannot find the medical facility I want to review, what can I do?

If you are unable to find the hospital or clinic you are looking for, please contact us and we will try to find it for you or add it to our database.

When I write a review, do people know my real name?

When you register with HealthyIM, you are given the opportunity to provide a nickname that can be seen by others. Your nickname is the only name that others will see when you make a review.

Why do I have to register to read or write reviews?

HealthyIM does its best to provide a platform for honest reviews. Reviews can only be written or read by registered users. This allows others to see all reviews from a particular user. It also deters a user from writing numerous reviews for a particular medical facility and making it look like they came from several reviewers. HealthyIM reserves the right to delete a review if it does not meet any of our guidelines terms of use or policies. HealthyIM also requires registration so that when necessary we can contact a user to ask them to modify the review to an appropriate format.

Are the reviews on HealthyIM from real patients?

It is important to us that honest and constructive user reviews are provided and that these come from users who have actual experience with a particular hospital or clinic. While we are unable to verify that each and every review is made by a patient that has visited a particular medical facility, we do ask that HealthyIM Users only write reviews for hospitals or clinics they have visited.

What can I do if I find a review that I do not think meets HealthyIM’s policies?

If you come across a review that does not meet our guidelines terms of use, or policies, or is of particular concern, please contact us. We will take a look and consider whether it is within our guidelines terms of use or policies.

Do hospitals & clinics that pay HealthyIM have influence over their reviews?

Our answer is simply “no”. HealthyIM will not change or influence a review whether it is regarding a registered or unregistered medical facility, paid or unpaid. HealthyIM may remove reviews that do not meet our guidelines terms of use or policies. Any decision to remove a review is independent of the business relationship with a particular medical facility.

Can medical facilities turn reviews on/off or select reviews to be posted?

Medical facilities cannot select user reviews to be posted nor turn those reviews on or off. Written comments that accompany reviews may be turned on or off.

Can medical facilities turn written comments on/off?

A medical facility cannot modify or select specific written comments to be turned on or off. HealthyIM does allow registered medical facilities the ability to turn ALL comments on or off. We allow this for two reasons; 1) It gives the medical facility the opportunity to respond quickly in the case that an inappropriate comment (one that does not meet our guidelines terms of use or policies) is posted, as a first line of defense. The medical facility can then contact us and we can determine whether the comment met the guidelines or not, and 2) unfortunately, some medical facilities are not interested to have comments about their facilities posted. HealthyIM respects this choice. When a facility chooses to turn off all comments it will be clearly posted on HealthyIM that this was the choice of the medical facility.

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