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Lousy Counter staff ( A aunty short hair wearing spec) very sarcastic manner and Doctor not patience at all... Not recommended to go this clinic at all! LOUSY!

member photoDorng


Apr 01, 2015

Very nice doctor for basic general care.

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member photoDES

Sakakibara Dental Clinic (Japan)

Mar 15, 2015

So close to home, always use the pediatrician here.
Interpreters are very polite, but many poor Thailand people Japan language, sometimes depressed mood to reverse Japanese feel very bad that many people, sick, consult your doctor.
Early doctor teacher you trust, are fluent in English, so such poor Japan language interpreter and speak directly in English. A nurse who is all hard and care was hospitalized.
Or drugs into the intravenous medical rounds time is unknown or, without explanation, so to convince questions repeatedly, always took time.

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member photoyutamama

Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital (Thailand)

Nov 28, 2014

Anyway a huge hospital, takes time to move.
Staff speaks very international and fluent English, was impressive and he was. And it took us over an hour because more or less Japan Japanese interpreter, interpreter come from, wait no longer and eventually was conversation with doctors in English.
So, I think you absolutely need interpreter examination time takes longer than. Doctor seems credible, but from accepting accounting takes at least half a day, so far in serious illnesses and injuries do not go without?....

member photoyutamama

Bumrungrad International Hospital (Thailand)

Nov 28, 2014

Takes time to move in a big hospital Japanese desk staff was friendly.
Also was wondering here, received a hospital Checkup in the staff there chatting or pretending.
Professor of medicine, Japan Japanese speak, there was a sense of security. Told through interpreter and teacher of the Department of Pediatrics was an intimidating impression.

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member photoyutamama

Bangkok Hospital (Thailand)

Nov 28, 2014

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