How Much?

Pondering the Possibility of Medical Travel? Consider All Costs

When considering the costs of traveling overseas for healthcare or wellness, you should not only factor in the stated prices from healthcare facilities, but also look into the following:

There are healthcare and travel agents who can provide comprehensive, stress-free medical tourism packages for you and any family members. These packages include information about Singapore itself, pickup service from the airport, making all medical appointments and referrals, handling admission, and interpretation and transportation. They also cover accommodations, other needs international visitors typically have, and even shopping arrangements.

Insurance in Singapore

You should confirm with you health insurance provider that your package will cover treatments and procedures in Singapore. If not, explore some of the global health insurance options online to see if you can find one that will. Several major insurance firms have introduced plans that cover traveling overseas for care. This gives you more options and cuts your out-of-pocket costs, and the insurers pay out much less to healthcare providers for their services. Insurers have even partnered up with certain medical facilities abroad to provide cross-border care.

Healthcare Costs

While Singapore is not the most inexpensive option in Asia for medical travelers, it is far less costly than what you would pay in the West, and the level of treatment is world-class all the way. For example, a heart valve replacement in the United States runs around US$170,000. In Singapore, you can get the same procedure done for just US$13,500. A breast implant operation is $2,700 here, versus $10,000 in the U.S. Similarly, a spinal fusion procedure that costs $100,000 in the States is just $18,300 here. In general, you can expect to pay from around 10 percent to 30 percent for a given treatment/procedure here compared to what it would cost in Western nations and other highly developed economies. As mentioned before, however, costs for certain procedures and treatments are on a par with that available in the West.

Know Before You Go

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Singapore: multi-faceted medical hub

Singapore attracts a growing number of medical professionals and multi-national healthcare-related companies from various parts of the world to share and exchange their expertise, to conduct healthcare-related research and training as well as to host international conferences and events.

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