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Medical facilities in Thailand pride themselves on their high standards, and many have subjected their premises and systems to the most rigorous classification by applying for accreditation and certification. Thailand was Asia’s first country to achieve Joint Commission International accreditation in 2002, for example, and many hospitals are now accredited.

Many of the larger hospitals offer highly trained doctors and five-star service, and yet the cost of medical treatments in Thailand is significantly lower compared to identical treatments in the developed world. Even better, the sheer number of operating theaters and qualified surgeons mean you’ll seldom have to wait to receive even the most complex procedures. All of the country’s leading hospitals feature state-of-the-art technology. Many hospitals also boast fully automated drug management systems, picture archiving and communication systems to ensure that administration and communication are as seamless as the treatments.

Thai physicians, surgeons, therapists and nurses are highly trained, and hundreds of doctors practicing in Thai hospitals are board-certified in the United States. Staff will do everything to make you feel relaxed and confident about the treatments you have selected and ensuring all your needs are met. They also have a well-deserved reputation for remembering the most fundamental element in a complete treatment and swift recovery: warm and caring human touch.

Most leading hospitals employ specialized English-speaking staff, and many providing interpreters in a wide variety of foreign languages, including Arabic, Bengali, French, German, Korean, Mandarin, Chinese, Vietnamese and Japanese. In addition, major hospitals have 24-hour international patient desks—such as for Japanese clients and those from the Middle East—and legions of interpreters. Up to a hundred thousand Japanese live in Bangkok on overseas assignments or in second homes, so Japanese-language support is particularly extensive.

Thailand is also the ideal destination for combining medical treatment with relaxation and recovery. There are plenty of outstanding spas and health resorts that will pamper recovering patients and their companions in a peaceful and healing environment. One caveat: Hospitals sometimes go overboard on testing and throw in frills you can probably do without, so confirm the need before accepting either.

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Thailand : Medical Travel and Exotic Appeal

Thailand has long been a favorite tourism destination in Asia with an exotic appeal, a long list of historic and modern attractions, friendly people and internationally renowned cuisine.

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