How Much?

Pondering the Possibility of Medical Travel? Consider All Costs

When considering the costs of traveling overseas for healthcare or wellness, you should not only factor in the stated prices from healthcare facilities, but also look into the following:

The cost of living in Thailand is very reasonable across the board. A typical three-bedroom apartment in the city center is 35,000 baht, or about US$1100, and is around half that price outside the main part of town. Monthly basic utilities (electricity, heating, water, garbage) for an 85-square-meter apartment run just over $60. A health club membership costs around $40 a month.

A three-course meal for two people at a mid-range restaurant is about $16. An imported beer is just over two dollars, and a cappuccino is even less. A kilogram of produce ranges between one and two dollars, and a kilo of chicken breasts is about three dollars.

Thailand features a wide range of reasonably priced accommodation options from five-star luxury hotels to budget serviced apartments for medical tourists needing long-term recovery. Many comprehensive medical promotion packages are on offer from Bangkok to Phuket, Hua Hin to Chiang Mai for travelers looking to receive medical treatment in Thailand. Packages frequently include deals on travel to and from Thailand for plastic surgery, spa treatments and other wellness therapies at specialized medical clinics or world-class hospitals.

Insurance in Thailand

Although your insurance policy may have worldwide coverage, that coverage is almost always for emergency medical treatment only. Patients traveling to Thailand for treatment need to be aware that their standard travel insurance policy likely does not cover medical procedures or dental care abroad, or medical complications due to surgery and expenses related to those complications and for the duration of a stay in the country.

Healthcare Costs

The price of care in Thailand is a huge draw for medical travelers. A heart bypass will cost around US$24,000 here, for example, as opposed to $144,000 in the United States. Lap band surgery that costs $30,000 in the States will be $12,000 in Thailand. Similarly, a $15,000 facelift will be just $6,000 here. Other procedures offer similar savings, and the level of care in Thailand—particularly the large number of hospitals with JCI accreditation—may convince many medical travelers to seek treatment here rather than even less expensive options elsewhere.

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Thailand : Medical Travel and Exotic Appeal

Thailand has long been a favorite tourism destination in Asia with an exotic appeal, a long list of historic and modern attractions, friendly people and internationally renowned cuisine.

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