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Thailand’s quality healthcare, luxury accomodations & competitive prices

Thailand offers highly trained doctors and five-star service, and yet the cost of medical treatments is significantly lower compared to identical treatments in many parts of the world. Even better, the sheer number of operating theaters and qualified surgeons mean you’ll seldom have to wait to receive even the most complex procedures. Thailand is also the ideal destination for combining medical treatment with relaxation and recovery. There are plenty of outstanding spas and health resorts that will pamper recovering patients and their companions in a peaceful and healing environment.

Thailand Medical Tourism Highlights

Thai medical services are renowned worldwide, creating rapid growth in related industries such as spas and wellness, Thai massage and herbs, serviced apartments and health tourism. There is also a big focus in Thailand on lifestyle medicine—applying environmental, behavioral, medical and motivational principles to help manage lifestyle-related health problems in a clinical setting—as well as cosmetic procedures.
Here are some key points to keep in mind:

Know Before You Go

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Thailand : Medical Travel and Exotic Appeal

Thailand has long been a favorite tourism destination in Asia with an exotic appeal, a long list of historic and modern attractions, friendly people and internationally renowned cuisine.

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