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Thailand has been a well-established medical tourism leader for quite some time, but now both its public and private sectors are making a concerted push to turn “The Land of Smiles” into Asia’s medical tourism hub. Starting in 2012, the government began pursuing a five-year policy covering four major areas: medical treatment, health promotion, traditional Thai medicine and alternative medicine, and health products, especially Thai herbs. The country’s Board of Investment has also announced its intent to upgrade medical services, medical technology and medicine, and every activity related to modern medicine, alternative medicine and biotechnology.

Surgical procedures for everything from major organ transplants to cancer to orthopedics—including hip replacements and arthroscopic procedures—and in-vitro fertilization and stem cell therapy are all practiced ably here. Treatments for skin, dental and vision problems are readily available, and gender reassignment surgery is also a specialty.

Thai medical services are renowned worldwide, creating rapid growth in related industries such as spas and wellness, Thai massage and herbs, serviced apartments and health tourism. There is also a big focus in Thailand on lifestyle medicine—applying environmental, behavioral, medical and motivational principles to help manage lifestyle-related health problems in a clinical setting—as well as cosmetic procedures.

With all that in mind, it shouldn’t be a surprise that about 2.5 million foreign tourists have reportedly visited Thailand for treatment since the beginning of 2012.
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Thailand : Medical Travel and Exotic Appeal

Thailand has long been a favorite tourism destination in Asia with an exotic appeal, a long list of historic and modern attractions, friendly people and internationally renowned cuisine.

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